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LT Winter 20172016 was a year that was personally challenging for our family. I became more aware than ever that transitions and change are constant, some subtle and small while others are life-altering. This edition of Life Together starts to share some of these transitions around us. Kevin Derksen explores this theme in his Pastor’s Pen article and other articles explore change in country, change in a growing family and change in moves or life transitions. We’ll look at other transitions and change in future editions.

It is clear that we have little, if any, control over many changes in our lives. We can fight them, be traumatized by them or spend our energy wishing the change never happened. Or we can accept change, embrace the “new reality” and look for the good in the change, no matter how tough it may be at first. What makes the difference is our mindset, our attitude. We can try to “see the bright side” of things or also dig deeper into our feelings and soul to see the positive impact an event can make. When we grieve a loss of a person, a location, or our health, we can choose to carry on. Not by dismissing our feelings of loss or forgetting the past but remembering in love and “growing forward.” The more we love something, the greater the feeling of loss when we need to move on. Recognize and celebrate the love; don’t get stuck in the loss of what was.

Change happens and transitions occur. It’s been said that “sometimes we win and sometimes we learn.” I pray that whatever the change or transition you are in the midst of, you can see the love behind the feelings of loss and you can embrace the new. As Reta Martin reminds us, God is always with us, even though sometimes we have to look hard to realize that! A great way is to look for God in the people who are around us, who love and support us in our change and transitions. May we continue to look for and see God in our Life Together!

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Brent Horst

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