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LT Spring2016The youth asked some of us what we like about church. The answers high-lighted the fact we like the interactions with people, the intergenerational nature of our community and other aspects of our church. This publication has tried to reflect and enrich our faith community and your new Life Together team will do our best to continue the tradition. The youth did a great job of leading our worship on January 10 (see page 10).
Our worship series in January was based on the Wisdom scriptures. What is wis-dom to you in today’s world? Some of those who attended the Silver Lake Winter Retreat tried their hand at proverbs, which you’ll see scattered throughout this issue. Four SJMC members talked about how the wisdom of their work affects their faith. Read part of their thoughts on pages 11 - 13.
Doris Kramer continues her “Getting to Know” series by interviewing Karen and Stewart Sauder. See if there’s something you didn’t know about them on pages 6,7. We are grateful that Marcia Shantz has agreed to continue to coordinate the Chil-dren’s Challenge photo page. Can you figure out who they are on page 16?
Enjoy some pictures of our life together and a couple of other jewels shared by others in these pages. Marilyn and I want to thank Marcia and Larry for all the help in transitioning their work to us. There continue to be a lot of hands needed to put an issue together and we are thankful for all the contributors, as well as for the printing and distribution of this piece.
Q: Do you have any ideas for future articles or content?
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Brent Horst - Editor

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