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LT Spring2017We continue some focus on transitions with thoughts from Chip Bender who re-flects on his life changes over the past few years.
It was suggested to me that Andrea’s devotional from a recent Worship Ministry meeting would make a good article for Life Together. She is transitioning off this ministry as her six years of service is coming to an end. Her sharing reminded me of something I had written last summer. We both reflect on how music impacts our faith. “Music is the Language of the Soul” is a sign at the Music Instrument Muse-um in Phoenix, Arizona and we agree with this statement wholeheartedly.
Mark Diller Harder raises some interesting points in his Pastor’s Pen contribution to this issue. You’ll see some of the comments about St. Jacobs Mennonite Church on pages 10 - 12 that Mark refers to. Do these reflect your view of SJMC? How would you answer those questions for our church and for yourself?
We have recently experienced the season of Lent and Easter. With this year’s longer focus on Lent in our worship series, I would encourage you to read or re-read the sermons found on our website (www.sjmc.on.ca). I appreciated the ability to be so immersed in Lent this year. There is much to be said for considering events of Good Friday and Easter Sunday but the time of Lent is worth pondering more deeply as well. Still, it’s the Hope of Easter Sunday that “keeps us singing”, keeps us experiencing our Life Together while loving God and loving each other.

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