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Amen: May it be so

By Marcia B. Shantz, Life Together

Greetings to each reader for a Christmas season that fills you with
meaningful simplicity. This Advent, may each of us ponder how we shall prepare the ‘empty manger of our lives’ to receive the Prince of Peace: the Christ Child Jesus born for each of us. Pages 17-19 will help inspire you.

A search of “Christmas” on the Mennonite Archives of Ontario photo website proved fruitful. These two sixty year old photos remind me that simple, loving expressions of kindness, and a generous spirit of God’s love, never grows old.

These past 13-1/2 years have been a true privilege to be apart of our collective congregational Life Together – to share our stories and photos within these pages. For Larry and me, our involvement with Life Together (June 2002) actually began two months before our other “I do” life together began in August. Admittedly this ‘good-bye’ feels surreal, and it will take time to turn off my LT story radar. Leafing through my binders of past copies is a humbling reminder of the countless people (all ages!) who participated in the newsletter: contributors, regular columnists, photographers, printing, distribution, website upload, and readers. Without looking, I’m quite sure that ‘fresh cut hay’ was the most favourite smell for the Life and Times column, and this edition is no exception. Some things I won’t miss are figuring out: capitalization, compound and hyphenated words, quotation marks.

In October it was wonderful to hear the announcement that a new editorial team is in the midst of formation, still seeking a few additional members to fill the committee. We extend our support to them in the transition and look forward to their new ideas, insights and creativity for Life Together going forward.

And so We3 say: “Amen: May it be so.”

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