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"Singing to the Lord of harvest" (HWB #98)

By Marcia B. Shantz, Life Together

Welcome  to  this  Thanksgiving  edition  of Life Together. It’s a humbling experience when you get to this point in the newsletter production  and  see  “the  harvest”:  the  planning, the planting, the fruits of all labours. My sincerest appreciation of thankfulness to everyone for sharing!

This  edition  also  includes  many  reflections from just some of the 14 SJMCers who attended Mennonite World Conference (MWC) this July. To me our various LT column headings each applied, so I used them all: Reflections, Peacemaking Ponderings and Thankfulness. And in case you thought you missed the Pastor’s Pen column, usually positioned right next door here on page 3, not to worry.  I guess you could say Wendy gets the last word this time on the back cover. I felt her photo of the mass worship service at MWC needed to be highlighted in colour for its magnitude in all that the photo represents.

For the postlude in the September 20th worship service, pianist Doris Pfohl played a beautiful hymn. I contacted her to ask the title: “Like a mother who has bourne us”. (STJ #91 - Music: William P. Rowan; Text: Daniel Bechtel.) When I sat down to play it on my piano I was drawn into the text. My eyes rested upon verse 4. How fitting a verse for the conclusion of an inspiring message on “Witnesses”. It is also a very fitting verse encapsulating this entire LT edition. We have much to be thankful for, and we are also called to share of our lives with others – near and far.

“When we offer food and comfort, grasp our neighbour’s hand in love, tread the path of peace and justice, God still walks with us in life.”

(Verse 4 - STJ #91 - Text: Daniel Bechtel)

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