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Stories, oh the importance of stories

by Vaughn Bender, Life Together

This final 2014 edition of Life Together is a collection of stories – like each other – however, this issue has an extra personal touch of stories passed down through generations, memories of Christmas and family traditions, and the always personal opportunity to ‘get to know’ one of the SJMC family better.

And our stories range from reflections on personal Anabaptist work in South Africa, to reflections on the local heritage of SJMC’s own Bethlehem donkey, and so many more interesting stories in-between.

Thank you to all of our 2014 writers and contributors. This was a year with a unique schedule and we appreciate everyone’s flexibility and interest in the making of each edition. We could not do this without the help of many hands, creative minds and generous assistance.

From your Life Together Editorial Team, we extend our warmest wishes for a blessed Christmas and a happy New Year. We’ll see you again in March.

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