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Life Together is back from its two-edition rest. This autumn we joyfully return with a Thanksgiving bounty of more compelling, faith-shaping stories and photos from our church family. Just look at all the generations represented!
Our front cover *photo captures wonderfully the sentiments you will read within these pages.
[*Sunday, June 22; Annual Outdoor Worship Service & Picnic with Grace Lao Mennonite Church.]
Using bricks and elastics to hold the paper-mounted familiar hymn words: “Melt, Mold, Fill, Use” (HWB #349), including a musical repeat sign at the phrase’s end, Brent Horst spoke that morning of a more recent years epiphany of how he ‘heard’ these familiar words differently, especially when increasing the word count to eight by adding the word “Me” behind each verb. Read Brent’s sermon “Words To Live By” at: www.sjmc.on.ca.
    j How do you ‘hear’ these eight words speaking to you?
We leave you with this Thanksgiving poem and a September sunset in Maryhill. It’s not the traditional horn of plenty verse and imagery. Still, it’s a poignant pondering during this more focussed season of gratefulness to God, our provider.

A Thanksgiving Poem (Author Unknown)

The tear another’s tears bring forth,
The sigh which answers sigh.
The pulse that beats at other’s woes,
E’en though our own be nigh.

A balm to bathe the wounded heart,
Where sorrow’s hand hath lain.
The link divine from soul to soul,
That makes us one in pain.

Sweet sympathy, benignant ray,
Light of the soul doth shine;
In it is human nature given,
A touch of the divine.

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