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These pages of our ‘life together’ ...

By Marcia B. Shantz, Life Together

May Christ’s peace waft over you this summer like a gentle breeze when you least expect it, but need it most.

As I’ve assembled these past four editions of Life Together focussing on a wide variety voluntary service stories, I have also been very mindful of the flipside – knowing that the experiences that unfold in our daily lives don’t always mesh with being able to volunteer. I earnestly hold these times, in all of our lives, gently. God is there.

In one full LT cycle (Summer ‘12 to Summer ‘13) we have read about voluntary service experiences of SJMCers dating back to 1963 to 2013.

We have travelled to: Georgia, West Africa, South Africa, Kansas, Ohio, Washington DC, Attawapiskat, Toronto, Kitchener, Elmira, France, Vancouver, Hepworth, Vietnam, India, Thailand, Blenheim, St. Jacobs, and other points in-between.

In this concluding edition we read about just some of the acts of service that happen right here at SJMC, and through various organizations.

Many of these actions are evident in the photos we take. And there are countless more acts that a photo just simply cannot capture.

Sit for a while with these pages and let God’s love surround you with thankfulness for our ‘life together’.

For me, volunteering for Life Together (since June 2002) has been a privilege and, admittedly, not without its challenges at times. But I am always amazed at how each edition eventually comes together, even when the ‘ideas cupboard’ felt empty initially.

LT is just one of our congregation’s communication tools (print copy and on-line readers). It draws us together to a deeper level of sharing as a faith
community. We also try to show the beauty of our many generations at SJMC throughout these LT pages: infants to seniors is truly a gift not to take for granted! Thank-you to the many contributors who help us learn about each other and grow spiritually.

(If you know of someone who would like to be added to our LT email distribution, please have ‘them’ email Larry Shantz at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. When the next edition of LT is uploaded to the church website, Larry notifies this group of on-line readers.)

On behalf of the LT Team, may you experience our ‘life together’ as a faith community in text and photo, with God’s Spirit wafting among these pages.

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