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Lent, Holy Week and Palm Sunday activities have transposed our SJMC congregation these past weeks through the storytelling of the journey of Jesus …leading to our Easter celebrations of the resurrection.
Easter is always a special time – a time of personal reflection and faith in which we mark long held tradition – and from the secular side – a time in which celebrations of the joyful side of the holiday merge with our welcome of the changing of the seasons. The power of the Easter traditions is exemplified by a spirit of reflection on the significance of the events that you and your loved ones bring to the day. Whether it is an entirely faith based experience, or you are celebrating the hunt for colourful eggs with your kids hidden by mischievous bunnies, there seems to be a common thread of hope and celebration.
This edition of Life Together is a special collection of stories of being called to serve others and, as well, the grace of accepting the call to be served ourselves. Life Together just scratches the surface of the many ways in which the community of SJMC continues to gather us together in a spirit of humble service to one another and in interaction with the broader world around us.
Thank you to all those who have contributed to this edition of Life Together. We hope our readers enjoy this very special selection of stories and photos which capture Hope, Celebration, Service and Gratitude told through experiences and activities woven inextricably together – just like life itself.

Easter is …

by Emma Ryan (Port Talbot)

Chocolate eggs in sparkly foil,

Bright flowers springing from the soil,

Bunnies playing all around,

Hatching eggs, a cracking sound!

Remembering God gave his only Son

to show his love for everyone.

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