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The “Legend” of Giving

  • SJMC Missions Facilitation motto says it best: “... keeping our call to be a people of Mission.”
  • Our front cover shows a missional heart begins in the home ... literally!
  • Small, seemingly insignificant, everyday household items can find another use and help benefit:  neighbour, stranger and earth .... yes, it takes a little extra effort.
  • The “legend” of giving shows just a few of many options to participate in. This is all we had room for; there are many more, ... seek them out!
  • *Little extra care tips* make the volunteer end-user’s job so much more pleasant! Think: How would “I” like to receive this item to work with?

A Profound Thank-YOU SJMC!

We receive thank-yous for our work on Life Together. Those kind words truly buoy us up, and help us as we face starting the next edition!
However, we are the first to say the newsletter would not happen if it weren’t for the many willing participants at SJMC. Thank-you!!!

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